At Star Domestic Cleaners® expert management is engaged to assist and direct the growth of the company. This starts from providing you with a high-quality product (cleaning services).

Star Cleaners was founded by dedicated individuals, experienced in all aspects of the London cleaning industry. Everyone at the company is committed to establishing long-term mutual future with you.

Our custom-built customer management system puts us on a whole new level of providing cleaning services. We monitor all the details surrounding regular domestic or one-off cleans.

 Daniel Davies
Star Domestic Cleaners has been engaged as a cleaning contractor since 2004. During all these years our way of doing business has evolved and we are now able to provide something more than a service. We consider ourselves in pole position in the cleaning industry in London, and we can prove it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Star Domestic Cleaners as a competent supplier of cleaning services.
Daniel Davies Star Domestic Cleaners®

We are glad to have adopted an extensive staff training program. We have built teams of highly-professional cleaners that are up to any task.
Service quality is of the utmost importance to everyone at Star Domestic Cleaners. From the backstage to the cleaning technicians – it is all about you, getting an experience you will enjoy.

Our services are dedicated to becoming the new standard in the industry. We strive to provide quality that satisfies every customer’s criteria, to ensure the appropriate level of service is maintained, and to take swift and effective action should any unforeseen circumstances arise.