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Professional Carpet Cleaning in London

We are always trying to provide you with expert home care – same applies to our carpet cleaning service in London. Thanks to our advanced methods, your carpets pieces will look like new again. Still, the modern equipment and products we use wouldn’t be sufficient without the presence of well-trained carpet cleaners with a solid background in this field.

How we do it

Expert Carpet Cleaners in London

  1. The London’s carpet cleaners carry the required equipment to your property.
  2. Proper ventilation is insured by opening the windows.
  3. If there are any larger pieces of grime, they are being picked by hand.
  4. Furniture is moved away from the carpet to ensure access to spots that are hard-to-reach.
  5. Pre-treatment for all stains.
  6. Performing the actual carpet cleaning procedure – either dry or hot water extraction method
  7. All furniture is brought back to its original place. Cardboard and plastic squares are placed to avoid indentations,.
The carpet cleaning prices for London start from £22. Check our prices page for details.

Our carpet cleaning methods

Take a look at our evolved procedures with guaranteed results:

This method guarantees dirt elimination of over 95%. The carpets are vacuumed first, pre-treated for stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches. Water sprayed under pressure moves the dirt from its settlement. Its high temperature makes the reaction deadly for any kind of bacteria and all dirt and grime are extracted from the carpet.

This method is not to be mistaken with steam cleaning. The only steam possible is the one from the water extraction.

Where is the moisture going?

It is usually transferred from the fibres to the surrounding air. When there is not enough circulation the fibres are in contact with already mist air, thus not much drying happens. We recommend opening the windows to speed up the process. Normally your carpet will be completely dry within 2 hours, but we also can provide you with an air mover, free of charge, just ask our representatives!.

This is ideal not only for specific types of carpet like those made from natural fibres, but also for your home environment. Get a clean rug with a minimum amount of moisture in your home.

This is a totally organic cleaning method – safe for kids and pets.

How does it happen? The carpet technicians will spray the fabric with dry powder. Using our professional equipment from Prochem, a renowned name in the industry, the powder will be scrubbed into the fibres, absorbing all dirt particles. Then a vacuum cleaning machine is used to extract the mix of powder, dust, grime and dirt, leaving the textile clean as new.

No drying time needed, carpets ready to walk on.

We recommend dry cleaning for the following fabrics: seagrass, sisal, jute, cotton, silk, velvet and old oriental rugs.

Your carpets, rugs, fabric and leather furniture will be as clean as in the day you bought them. We guarantee no distraction to your daily activities while we make your carpets cleaner than ever. In case you are a tenant, who is about to move out, you can combine this service with end of tenancy cleaning in London and get 40% OFF.

We apply advanced fabric protector

We use “Scotchgard” fabric protector which is a brilliant way to protect your carpet. It acts as a stain repellent and will save you money and efforts in the long term.

How does it work: An invisible layer of Teflon is applied. Later on, under everyday circumstances, it is the protective layer that wears down, not the actual carpet. Also, any kind of spillage can’t penetrate and turn into a stain – general dust and dirt also cannot. This way all your textile coverings will be preserved and look like new for a long time.

We also offer mattress and upholstery cleaning

You can count on the London’s carpet technicians to also take care of your textile and leather furniture or mattresses. Refresh your upholstery with dry sofa cleaning, get rid of stains with hot water extraction procedure or take advantage of special methods for restoration and protection of leather furnishing.

We can also treat your carpets and pieces of furniture for bed bugs and dust mites. For the procedure, we are using UV lamps and special vacuum cleaners to extract the dead mites. Request our additional pest control treatment alongside the cleaning procedure and get your furniture cleaned and disinfected for less money.

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