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Carpet Cleaning in London for a Healthier Home

When you want your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, turn to Star Domestic Cleaners! Take advantage of our expert carpet cleaning services in London. Simply contact us and make a booking for your property. Let us restore the freshness of your textile floor coverings with our modern cleaning methods. Here’s what makes this service great for any home:

  • Provided by certified and insured carpet cleaning technicians;
  • Great against the most common household stains (drinks, food, dirt);
  • Eco-friendly products are used for the treatment of textile pieces;
  • Use of the optimal cleaning equipment and method depending on the type and fibre of your carpet;
  • Improving the air quality of your household (alleviates allergy symptoms);
  • Thoroughly sanitize your carpets, removing bacteria, mould and other harmful elements;
  • Quicker drying time with a FREE air mover.

Have your carpeting professionally cleaned in 6 simple steps

The before and after effect of our carpet cleaning service

  1. Make a booking – Simply give us a quick call and set an appointment for a day and time that suit you best or use our contact form.
  2. A carpet technician shows up – We will send a fully equipped specialist to your address. Please make sure to provide them with access to the items that need to be cleaned.
  3. Inspection – The expert will take a closer look at your items to determine the most suitable cleaning method for them.
  4. Pretreatment – Your carpets and rugs will be vacuum cleaned and any visible stains will be pretreated with a special detergent.
  5. Deep cleaning – The technician will use a hot water extraction machine to refresh your carpeting. On the other hand, if your items are delicate, then he will simply dry clean them. Bellow, you can find more details about the professional carpet cleaning methods that we use.
  6. Air mover – As part of the service, the carpet cleaner will bring an industrial fan that will be positioned strategically around the cleaned items to speed up the drying process.

How does hot water extraction work?

A staircase cleaned with hot water extractionThis is the most effective professional carpet cleaning procedure available in London. It is suitable for carpets made of synthetic or mixed fibre (in other words, the durable items). An industrial-grade machine is used to shoot hot water (mixed with detergent) deep between the fibres of the items. This effectively dislodges the accumulated grime and dust. And while this is happening, a powerful suction attachment on the nozzle is removing about 95% of the moisture, chemicals and the dislodged filth almost simultaneously. The treated items are left slightly damp so they will dry quickly thanks to the air mover. The hot water extraction method is also used for treating furniture with synthetic & mixed fibre as part of our special upholstery cleaning service.

How we do carpet dry cleaning?

We resort to dry cleaning when dealing with delicate items such as those made entirely of natural fibre. However, please note that it does not remove stains. The process is simple and great for refreshing decorative pieces that are not submitted to heavy foot traffic. Low-moisture non-toxic cleaning powder is applied to the pile of the carpet and rubbed in with a rotating brush. This way the powder sticks to the residing dirt and dust particles. In the end, the item is vacuum cleaned so the powder is removed along with all the unwanted particles.

Prolong the freshness of your carpets & rugs with Scotchgard

Clients who use our services can also get stain protection for their carpeting. When the technician is done cleaning your items, he will treat them with a Scotchgard stain repellent. The product is applied evenly atop the pile of the item. It will take some time dry which means that you won’t be able to step on the carpet for a while. However, this will provide effective protection against stubborn stains and it will prolong the freshness of the item.

Carpet cleaning prices

Expert carpet cleaners in LondonThe carpet cleaning prices for London start from £20. You can also book an additional service such as a one-off deep clean and get a discounted price! In case you are a tenant, who is about to move out, you can combine this service with a guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning and get 40% OFF.

Contact us today, let us keep your carpets and rugs in top shape!

No matter where you live in the capital, you can always take advantage of our flexible and easy-to-book services. Simply give us a call on 020 3404 6962 and talk with our friendly customer care staff. They will be happy to provide you with any information you might need and to put you on schedule. On the other hand, you can easily book the professional carpet cleaning by using our contact form.

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