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  • Removing most common household stains
  • Certified, fully-insured carpet technicians
  • Eco-friendly, child and pet safe cleaning detergents
  • Using the most advanced carpet cleaning method in London
  • FREE air mover for quicker drying time – within 4 hours

Have your carpeting professionally cleaned in 6 simple steps

carpet cleaning-services

  1. Give us a quick call and set an appointment.
  2. One of the best local carpet cleaners arrives carrying professional machines and detergents.
  3. He inspects and determines the most suitable way for cleaning your carpet/rug.
  4. The technician hovers and pre-treats the piece.
  5. Depending on the fabrics, hot water extraction or dry cleaning is performed
  6. Your textile floor covering is clean and left to dry

What cleaning method is the best for your carpet

Here you can see what type of cleaning is most suitable for your textile floor coverings based on the materials they are made from.

Hot water extraction Acrylic, Blends, Nylon, Olefin Or Polypropylene,
 Polyester, Polyester Recycled Fiber, wool
Dry cleaning Silk, viscose, 100% cotton, suede, leather,
 Linen, sea-grass, sisal, jute, wool

Our technician make an additional test on the material of the carpet/rug to make sure that the cleaning method is suitable and will cause no harm.

How does Hot water extraction work / Also known as Steam carpet cleaning

This method uses hot water, which is mixed with special carpet cleaning detergents. The mixture is pumped into the carpet by the powerful hose of the machine, infiltrating its fibres to the core. After that, the solution is extracted, bringing out all the dirt, built up residue and stains.
Due to the use of water, the carpets will need a couple of hours to get dry again. You can speed up the process with the special machine called “AirMover” that we provide, upon request. It cuts down the drying time by 3 to 5 hours.

How does Dry carpet cleaning work

The technician starts with applying the chemicals to the affected area and proceeds with spraying some water to help the detergent react on the carpet or the upholstery item. There are detergents made just for dry cleaning and for the different materials, as well. They are gentle to the surface and will kill any bacteria. After the chemicals have reacted with the dirt, everything is vacuumed and unlike the hot water extraction, you can use the freshly cleaned carpet right away.

Stain protection for your freshly cleaned carpets and rugs

Carpet cleaning plus stain protection
Clients who use our carpet cleaning services can also get stain protection for their carpeting. When the technician is done cleaning your items, he will treat them with a Scotchgard stain repellent. The product is applied evenly atop the pile of the item. It will take some time to dry which means that you won’t be able to step on the carpet for a while. However, this will provide effective protection against stubborn stains and it will prolong the freshness of the item.


Carpet cleaning prices London

Type of treatmentHot Water ExtractionDry cleaning / Delicates
Single Bedroomfrom £20*

from £21*

Lounge/Living Roomfrom £20*from £26*
Through Loungefrom £42*from £46*
Dining Roomfrom £24from £26
Hallwayfrom £12from £14
Flight of Stairsfrom £24from £26
Armchairfrom £18from £26
Two-seated Sofafrom £30from £59
Three-seated Sofafrom £35from £70
Mattressfrom £17*from £32*
RugsRates vary according to type and condition

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Affordable carpet cleaning combinations

You can also book an additional service such as a one-off deep clean and get a discounted price! In case you are a tenant, who is about to move out, you can combine this service with a guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning and get 40% OFF.

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Carpet cleaning service
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Simply give us a call on 020 3404 6962. Or On the other hand, you can easily book the professional carpet cleaning by using our contact form. You are not going to be disappointed with our affordable carpet cleaning!

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