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Your carpet is dirty, stained and worn? Let us deep clean it and restore its good appearance! We at Star Domestic Cleaners in Paddington have enough carpet cleaning knowledge and professional equipment to effectively clean your floor coverings. We use highly efficient methods to remove all the dirt, stains and bacteria embedded in your carpet’s fibre. Our specialized cleaning tools can spotlessly restore your carpet or rug to its original condition.

What Benefits Our Carpet Cleaning in Paddington Will Bring to You

  • Time-efficient carpet cleaning – Using inefficient DIY carpet cleaning techniques can cost you much time and money. With our carpet cleaning assistance, you will save time, money and efforts.
  • Safe and proven cleaning solutions – Our cleaning procedures are effective for removing stubborn stains. They are performed without harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet fibres.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff – Our carpet cleaning technicians understand what cleaning treatment and detergent are ideal for your specific carpet cleaning needs.
  • Availability – We can come and take care of the perfect state of your floor covering when it is most convenient for you.

How We Will Proceed with Your Carpet

First, make an appointment with us on 020 3404 6962 and tell us when it is suitable for you to clean your carpet. Second, one of our professionals will come equipped with quality machines and products. Third, the technician will inspect your carpet fibres and determine the most appropriate treatment for cleaning your floor covering. He will hoover the item and pre-treat the carpet. After that, the specialist will apply hot water extraction or dry cleaning method – according to the material of the piece. Finally, your carpet will be left to dry. At your request, the expert can apply a free air mover for faster drying time. After the service, you’ll enjoy a refreshed and immaculately clean carpet.

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