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You don’t have time for doing laundry by yourself? We provide professional dry cleaning and laundry services – gentle to your clothes. We will give you a personalized service, meaning that we will separate your clothes by colour, clean them according to your preferences, and diligently fold them.

Our dry cleaning techniques can remove stubborn stains on your clothes. They are effective for handling deep spots from red wine, coffee, chocolate, blood and others but at the same time are humble towards your clothes. The laundry cleaning process we use doesn’t harm your clothes but gives them a soothing wash.

Our professional dry cleaning and laundry services will bring you the following great perks:

Great convenience – You can book our dry cleaning and laundry service directly from the phone. We’ll come at the right time for you to pick up your clothes, clean them and deliver them back at your doorstep.

Safe and gentle dry cleaning methods – Our dry cleaning and laundry services will not damage the quality of your clothes – even if they are washed regularly. Rely on us to give your clothes the special care they need every time you opt for our service.

Attention to the smallest detail – Our great professionals will never miss a detail in their service. They will take perfect care of your clothes, including washing, ironing, folding, packaging and delivering the clothes on the pointed date and time.

Saving time – With our dry cleaning and laundry service, you’ll be able to save yourself time to spend with your loved ones. We’ll clean your clothes according to your needs while you do other more important or enjoyable things.

Longevity of your items – Our dry cleaning experts know what your clothes fibres need to be clean and fresh. They can optimally clean your clothes so they last for years.

Receive High Quality Cleaning of Your Clothes, On Your Schedule

You can book a top quality dry cleaning and laundry service with us on 020 3404 6962 or by using our online contact form. Tell us when it is convenient for you to come and pick up your clothes. Your items will be expertly cleaned and returned to you within the shortest possible time.