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Guaranteed End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Moving out of a rented property but not ready to return the keys yet? Star Domestic Cleaners has the solution! Book our guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning in London and let the expert cleaners make sure that you get your security deposit back. This service also comes with many additional benefits, such as:

End of tenancy cleaner taking care of the upholstery

  • Done by experienced & insured professionals;
  • Following agency-approved cleaning checklist;
  • Short-notice/emergency booking slots available;
  • Free deep oven cleaning as part of the service;
  • Customised to your individual needs;
  • Suitable for all types of rental properties;
  • Re-clean for FREE within 72 hours if necessary.

NOTE: In order for this after tenancy cleaning service to take place, the rented property has to be emptied of personal belongings and all tenants have to vacate it. In case you are unable to move your luggage just yet, you can simply pack your things and stack everything in one place. In case you are moving out but other tenants will be staying, we can offer you a one-off cleaning service.

Move out cleaning not just for tenants!

For landlords & agencies

Cleaning a rental property in LondonIf you own or manage a rental, then you surely want to keep the property in the best possible condition for your future prospects. When your new tenants are about to move in, just book this service and let the post tenancy cleaners in London handle all the work (you can see our checklist below). The experts from Star Domestic Cleaners deliver professional house or flat cleaning – regardless of the property type – top-to-bottom performance is guaranteed.

For B&B hosts & vacation rentals (short lets)

With a steady stream of guests and countless of things to take care of, it is understandable if you can’t handle all the cleaning that your facility requires. If this is indeed the case, then you can also benefit from our accommodation cleaning service. We also offer holiday let cleaning with an optional laundry washing.

Selling a property

When you are presenting a property for sale, make sure it is in the best possible condition. The expert cleaners will follow your specific requirements into account and pay particular attention to the areas you’ve specified.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

We know exactly what landlords and clients are looking for on a property viewing and inventory check. Based on this, we’ve created a comprehensive move out checklist to follow, designed to fulfil all their requirements:


  • Wiping top of doors, door frames, curtain rails, cupboards and drawers inside-out
  • Light fittings and shades
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning switches mirrors, pictures and their frames, wardrobe – inside, outside and the top

Carpets and/or rugs

  • Move light furniture around for better access
  • Vacuum and/or hot water extraction cleaning


  • Wipe tables
  • Clean under beds, sofas and cushions

Shelves and drawers

  • Clearing them out
  • Dusting and polishing


  • Cleaning the window panes on the inside
  • Wiping the window sills and door glass

Drawers & cupboards

  • Cleaned on the inside
  • Clearing out of unwanted items
  • Wiping the handles


  • Clean, de-scale & polish
  • Remove accumulated gunk around the drain


  • Degrease and clean
  • Oven racks and grill pan
  • Inner top of the cooker
  • Wipe behind the oven if possible
  • Clean the rubber seal


  • Internally, sides and tops

Refrigerator & freezer

  • Clean the rubber seal
  • Wipe it externally and internally
  • Removing leftovers

  • Clean door handles
  • Wipe internally and externally

Washing machine

  • Clean soap dispenser
  • Wipe it inside and out
  • Checking the rubber seal

Tumble Dryer

  • Clean inside and out
  • Check rubber seal and handles
  • Clean lint and dust filters


  • Checking the filters
  • Clean the soap dispenser drawer
  • Remove grime, mildew, and food waste


  • Wipe and clean it
  • Extractor cleaned beneath and the top

General areas

  • Tiles and shower screen
  • Soap dispenser
  • Radiator and towel rail
  • Taps and fittings
  • Extractor fans
  • Pipework

Bathtub, toilet, bidet, shower cubicles

  • Remove limescale
  • Check for hair and gunk around drain
  • Polish with paper or dry cloth

  • Clean floor edges
  • Hoover and polish
  • Dusting all radiators

Mirror & glass surfaces

  • Clean and polish thoroughly
  • Sanitise toothbrush spot

You will receive a job completion form after the service that ensures the property has been professionally cleaned. This means that you will be fully prepared when the final property inspection takes place.

Service prices

Free oven cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning serviceOur move out cleaning services starts from rates as low as £93. We are proud to say that our end of tenancy cleaning in London is 100% guaranteed and has a FREE oven cleaning included. You can also get the service with 10% OFF if you sign up for our Loyalty Programme. The full price list can be found on our prices page.

Now you can also combine this service with a discounted professional carpet cleaning with 40% OFF!

Get your deposit back with our End of tenancy cleaning service

Star Domestic Cleaners has designed its end of tenancy cleaning services around London so it fully meets the standards of any landlord or leasing agent. Ensure that you will get your accommodation deposit back and pass the property inspection report.

Simply give us a phone call on 020 3404 6962 and talk to one of our friendly customer representatives. They will be happy to answer all your questions and put you on schedule. You can also use our easy online form to get in touch with us.

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