How to Find the Right Co-tenant for Your Property [ Infographic ]

Here is how you can find the right co-tenant for your property - infographic

By Star Domestic Cleaners on 08.08.2017

Found a fancy flat whose rent is a tad out of your comfort zone? Or has your current roommate decided to move out of town in just a few days? If any of this hits close to home, then you’re at the right place. As you will see below, weeding out candidates and finding the (near) perfect co-tenant is not an impossible feat. It’s all just a matter of asking the right questions. The professional end of tenancy cleaners in London will be your guide to finding your best match. Let’s begin.

How to find the right co-tenant

Questions to ask yourself during your impromptu interviews:

Are both of you already acquainted?

While, in theory, having your closest friend as a roommate sounds great, in reality this is a very sure way to ruin a healthy friendship. Looking for an acquaintance or a total stranger to fill the role of your new co-tenant will ensure that you will avoid the drama that is living with your BFF.

Did they make a good first impression?

First impression matters a lot, regardless of what the “Don’t judge a book by its covers” people might say. Things like attending your meeting on time, being well-mannered, and seeming responsible are all good indicators that the person you’re talking to is potential roomie material.

Questions to ask your candidates before choosing “The One”:

What are their sleeping habits?

If your soon-to-be roommate prefers staying up until 7 a.m. while you’re more of an early riser, your routines are constantly going to clash unless both of you are willing to make compromises.

Are they keen on having visitors?

Guests are a great way to add some excitement or to spoil all the fun, depending on the point of view. If you walk the path of peace and quiet while your co-tenant is a party animal, you’re only going to feel annoyed and exhausted by all the constant confrontations and the lack of sleep.

Do they tend to study a lot?

Is your co-tenant a college student in the middle of their examinations? If your candidate shares that they’d like things to stay quiet so they can study, ask yourself if you’re willing to honour their wish and keep the noise down past a certain hour. If not, then it’s likely that you won’t get along.

Do they smoke?

If you smoke and the other person doesn’t, designate areas where smoking is allowed or prohibited. For instance: smoking in the bedroom is fine, but the living room stays off-limits.

What gets their motor running?

Asking your candidate about their hobbies is crucial in determining how much fun (or none at all) you’ll have as roommates. Are they passionate about gaming? Do they play a musical instrument? Interested in astrophysics? The more common interests you share, the better.

Are they willing to provide references?

If, for some reason, the person you’ve nominated for your co-tenant is unwilling to provide you with roommate references despite their rich tenancy history, it’s best to focus your attention on another candidate, even if they have answered all your previous questions to your satisfaction.

Great, you’ve chosen a co-tenant! Here are some general survival tips:

Do a bit of detective work

No, we’re not talking about peeping through keyholes (that’s creepy). Instead, visit Facebook, Twitter, or other social media to check if the information your co-tenant has provided is legit.

Tell them what to bring

Your rented property will most likely have all essential appliances and electronics from the get-go, so make sure to dissuade your roommate from bringing a second fridge or a 40” TV.

Cut all bills in half

Slicing everything in half, from the monthly rent down to the utility bills and food expenses, will ensure that both of you will be left with sufficient disposable income without stepping on each other’s toes (by not paying your fair share of your Internet bill, for example).

Sign a daily chores pact

It’s very important that you state the rules of co-tenancy since day one. Things like how often the living room need to be cleaned, who will shop for food first, which items can be shared, and how many friends you can invite at a time will help you keep the co-tenancy ball rolling.

Pick your fights wisely

You don’t want to upset your roommate just because you’ve found some breadcrumbs on your carpet or a stray sock under your bed. However, you should definitely voice your concerns if they skip washing the dishes, host loud gaming sessions at 4 a.m., or frequently eat your food.

Stop by for a chit-chat

Your co-tenant is not just somebody who helps you pay your bills. Stop by their room from time to time to catch up on what they’ve been up to and drink a coffee/beer or two. This will ensure that the communication between you will remain stellar even when you’re both facing problems.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and with a bit of luck, you’ll find the perfect match for your property.