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You find it difficult to handle the spots on your upholstery? Your domestic cleaning methods don’t give satisfying results? Let Star Domestic Cleaners in Beckenham take care of the good appearance and hygienic condition of your upholstered furniture. We will not only remove the stubborn stains that take the beauty of your sofa but make your piece of furniture healthy. Our cleaning methods are designed to deep clean all kinds of upholstery fabrics, removing all dust mites, grime and debris that may adversely affect your health. With our specialized upholstery cleaning service, you can ensure a healthy living area with a reduced risk of respiratory problems and allergies.

Why Trust Our Upholstery Cleaning Service in Beckenham?

  • We are able to clean a variety of upholstery fabrics, including synthetic, leather, wool, nylon, suede, cotton, bamboo and more.
  • Our cleaning technicians use the most advanced equipment and detergents of the highest quality to achieve outstanding results on your upholstery.
  • We offer flexible and convenient booking slots to suit your personal schedule and individual needs.
  • Our cleaning specialists are thoroughly insured, well-trained and knowledgeable.
  • We are able to bring an air mover to exceed the time of drying.

What Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Involves

When the technicians arrive at your home, they will inspect your type of fabric and identify the kind of staining. Then, they will choose the correct method for the specific cleaning needs of the item. The specialists will carefully vacuum the upholstery to remove the hard particles and dust. They will pretreat the traces of pet soiling, smudges and spills with the proper detergent. Finally, the appropriate cleaning procedure will be applied to your furniture (dry cleaning or steam cleaning method).

Our upholstery cleaning is suitable for different kinds of blinds, curtains and drapery. With professional experience and knowledge, we can give your soft furnishings the quality cleaning care they need. For more information or bookings, please dial 020 3404 6962 or complete the online request a quote form.

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