31 Vinegar Uses for Cleaning Purposes

White Vinegar Uses for Cleaning

By Star Domestic Cleaners on 10.10.2016

It’s believed that, the ancients stumbled upon the versatility of vinegar more than 8 000 years ago. The Babylonians used is as medicine. The Romans drank it as a beverage. Cleopatra dissolved pearls in vinegar to prove she could devour a fortune. Vinegar was also used to treat wounds on the battlefield until World War I.

Nowadays, this common salad dressing can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the home cleaning process.

#1: Stainless Steel Cleaner

In case you want to clean the stainless steel stuff in your home, use a cloth damped with vinegar and voilà! They shine!

#2: Leather Polisher

To polish patent leather, all you need is a cloth dampened with white vinegar.

#3: Pest Repellent

If you have ants at home, fill a sprinkle bottle with vinegar and spray the areas around them. The odour will chase them away.

#4: Grease Remover

To cut through grease on your dishes, add two teaspoons of white vinegar to hot soapy wash water. After that rinse with clean water. It can do wonders, especially for cleaning dirty aged aga cookers.

#5: Odour Remover

After washing a wool sweater by hand, rinse it in a mix of water and a quarter cup of vinegar. This will remove any additional odours. After that, rinse with clean water. It’s also a great sollution to help get rid of a damp smell in your house.

#6: Shower Curtain Cleaner

It is time to clean your shower curtains? Machine wash, no matter if they are plastic or fabrics. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to deter mould and mildew.

#7: For Cloth Washing

To remove deodorant & antiperspirant residue from washables, you should gently rub the spots with our miracle solution, before washing. Professional cleaning services reminds to check the labels for instructions about content and colour-fastness.

#8: Wallpaper Remover

You can use vinegar as a wallpaper remover too. Mix water and vinegar in a sprinkle bottle, shake and spray the wall. Let the solvent to soak into the paper for a few minutes. Then you can peel, pick and scrape.

#9: Iron Cleaner

Problems with the electric iron occur because of clogged steam vents. To clean them properly, fill the reserve with white vinegar and allow it to run full heat on the highest setting. Once the vents are clear, empty the iron of the excess vinegar and refill it with clean water.

#10: Glass and Mirror Cleaner

To clean mirrors and glass windows, without leaving streaks and residues, mix five teaspoons of white vinegar with five litres of warm water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and shake well. Now you have the best solvent for keeping all glass surfaces at home shining and streak-free.

#11: Hand Cleaner

If you want to get rid of fruit stains on your hands, the solution is to rinse them with white vinegar.

#12: Grout Remover

Scrub the grout with vinegar, using a toothbrush. It might seem obsessive, but it works.

#13: Air Freshener

You can use vinegar to deodorize the air at home. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts of water and white vinegar. When cooking, spray it around and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

#14: Refrigerator Cleaner

To clean and sanitize the refrigerator, you’ll need a solution that contains one part water and the same amount of white vinegar. Wash the inside of the fridge and enjoy the difference.

#15: Garbage Bin Freshener

The stinkiest feature in the kitchen is the garbage disposal. To clean it, freeze vinegar into ice cubes. Fill the bin and grind them. You can also add lemon peels for additional freshness. After that, run cold water through the disposal to rinse it. Do this regularly for permanent results.

#16: Dishwasher Cleaner

To clean the dishwasher, professional cleaning services advice that you place a cup of white vinegar on the bottom of the appliance and operate through an entire cycle. Do this at least once a month to reduce soap building up on the inner rollers, rack, gaskets, and sprayers.

#17: Frozen Windows Cleaner

During the winter is hard to clean frozen windows. All you need to do is coat the wind shield and windows the night before with a solution of three parts white vinegar and one part water.

#18: Drain Sanitizer

If you want to sanitize your kitchen drain, pour a cup of white distilled vinegar at least once a week. Let it stand 30 minutes and then flush with cold water.

#19: Soap Neutraliser

White vinegar is a good neutraliser of alkaline soap. It can also remove soap film when added to your laundry’s final rinse cycle.

#20: Car Polisher

To polish the cars’ auto-body chrome, apply white full-strength vinegar with a soft cloth. Buff until it shines.

#21: Coffee Maker Cleaner

To clean an automatic drip coffee-maker, run full-strength vinegar through a normal brew cycle. Rinse by running plain water through the cycle twice. The pot will be remarkably clean and your coffee will taste better than ever.

#22: Dish-washing Liquid

To get rid of stains from pots and pans, fill the offending receptacle with six teaspoons of vinegar and a pint of water. Boil the mixture, until the stains are gone. Empty the container and wash with soap and water.

#23: Microwave Cleaner

Place cup of vinegar in the microwave and switch on. The condensation from the boiling will loosen splattered-on food and those mysterious cheese lumps. It will deodorize and sanitize the machine. Wipe the interior of the microwave with a clean damp cloth.

#24: Washing Machine Cleaner

A smart trick by professional cleaners suggests to pour a cup of vinegar into your washing machine. Allow it to operate through a regular cycle with no clothes added. This way soap residue will dissolve from the drum of the washing machine and will keep it running smoothly for years.

#25: Oven Cleaner

To prevent grease to accumulate on the oven, dip a sponge in full-strength vinegar and wipe the entire oven, inside and out.

#26: Removes Hard Water Stains

Use vinegar and a sponge to remove those ugly soap scum ring and hard water residues. That’s right! It works.

#27: Fancy Pottery Cleaner

Here come the china, crystal and glassware. Fill the sink with warm water, add a cup of vinegar and dip the item in the solution. Rinse with warm water and then allow to air dry.

#28: Ceramics Cleaner

Prepare a solution of a quarter cup of white vinegar and four litres of warm water. Use the solution to clean the ceramic tiles and expect a miraculous shine.

#29: Glue Remover

Wondering how to clean up glue? Try, let’s say… white distilled vinegar!

#30: Rust Remover

Soak your rusty tools in vinegar for a couple of hours. If needed, change the vinegar as it becomes cloudy.

#31: Glass Stains Remover

To get rid of grass stains, mix one-third of a cup of vinegar with two-thirds of water. Apply on the stain and blot with a clean soft towel. If needed, repeat the process.

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