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One-Off Cleaning in London

Domestic Cleaners One-off Cleaning If you are looking for an expert to completely refresh and sanitize your home in a single session, you are at the right place. Our London’s one-off deep cleaning is the most thorough service on the market. The specialists will take care of the surfaces in your home leaving you with a domestic environment you can enjoy. Your residence’s perfect condition is just a call away.

When you book a spring cleaning from Star Domestic Cleaners, you select the most meticulous service on the market. Get a single visit for a deep clean without the need to bother for further engagements. Try out this one-time service booked upon request for your desired day if you find it more suitable for you than regular cleaning.

The prices for our one-off cleaning service in London start from £14 per hour.

Deep clean of the property is needed mostly in case of:

  • Moving in or out of a new flat/ house
  • Renovation works done in the property
  • Preparing your place for an event or cleaning up after a party
  • Just a full spring clean to refresh your home

In case you are ending a tenancy agreement and you want to make sure you get the rental deposit back, you might be interested in our end of tenancy cleaning. It comes with a 72 hours satisfaction guarantee with a free re-clean option.

One-off deep cleaning service in details

This is our most complete package and one of the most extensive cleaning services we offer in London. As all our other jobs, it is flexible, so that you can modify it to suit your personal requirements. You choose which parts of the home to be cleaned, when, how, or even in the specific way you may want. We are available to take care of your property.

What is included:

  • Extensive bathroom cleaning – the professional team will sanitize the toilets and let the shine back to the bathroom floors, tiles, shower fittings,bath, etc. Door frames and all the other small details will be also cleaned professionally.
  • Deep kitchen cleaning – inside-out cleaned cooking appliances, drawers and cupboards. For the complete clean look the door frames, window sills and light switches will be shined.
  • Bedrooms, dining and living rooms – vacuuming carpets and floors and dusting all the general surfaces, furniture, switches and door frames.
  • Stairs, hallways, common areas – removing spider webs, dusting woodwork, cleaning and wiping skirting boards, hoovering and mopping floors.

Service FAQ

What is a one-off cleaning service?
A  one-time cleaning service, suitable for homeowners, landlords, tenants, students and basically everyone, who needs a thorough property cleaning. By ordering a deep cleaning in London, you can see if you’ll like our service and then you can choose to carry on with regular domestic service at a preferential price.

What is the difference from the regular service?
The deep clean covers every home cleaning aspect, particularly suitable for places that haven’t been cleaned for a long time. This professional service is the most thorough residential cleaning you can get. The specialists will move the furniture, clean behind the fridge, under the bed, etc.

Are the cleaners the same?
Because this is a more thorough service with a longer check-list, the cleaners here are more experienced and strict, they also pay attention to neglected areas and you get a satisfaction guarantee.

Deep cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled properties.

Domestic Cleaners Deep Cleaning TeamIt is also perfect for before/ after a holiday and/ or family gathering. Whatever the reason is, we will make sure you welcome guests in a clean place without any compromises made.

To keep your home in the best possible condition we also recommend the service to be done annually or biannually. Once your home has been deep cleaned, it will be much more easier to maintain clean after.

We await your questions. Our operators know all the details and can they help you schedule this service. Do not hesitate to ask for any special offers or discount. Star Domestic Cleaners London will provide first-class support for every household task.

Why choose this service

A last brief look on our London’s one-off cleaning:

Order this service if you need all your appliances, fixtures and furnishings scrubbed to perfection. Bring back the shine of your floors, tiles and ensure a complete hygiene in your bathroom and toilet. We will also take extra care of your bedrooms, hallways and all common areas – the cleaners know how to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

If you don’t know already – the domestic cleaners are trained, insured, vetted and motivated. The service will be carried in a manner you will enjoy.

Let experts refresh the looks of your domestic environment. This is also a flexible service, so feel free to inquire our representatives about your particular demands.

What to do next?

View the FAQ to find the answers to questions that might concern you. Check the testimonials to see what our customers have to say about us. You also can book this service with another one like carpet cleaning and get a discounted price, check out the deals at left. Our prices are also available on the site, but it is recommended to contact us for the best quote. In case you are ready for a thorough one-off cleaning of your London property – use our contact form for a free estimate or call us at 020 3404 6962!