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Professional Home Cleaning Services in London

Star Domestic Cleaners delivers a range of reliable household services in London. Now, you can enjoy a spotless home for an affordable price, and have more spare time for the things that matter most.

  • Same-day and next-day service arrangements
  • Professionally trained and dedicated cleaners
  • Specialised detergents and high-end equipment
  • Insured provider of home services
  • Available weekends and bank holidays (no extra charges)
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The local company that makes life easier

The most important benefit of all is all the extra free time you’ll have from now on. 

Now you can forget about the tiresome household chores. Use your free time in more productive and pleasant ways by taking advantage of our convenient and fully customisable services.

All Star Domestic cleaners are completely dedicated to bringing you excellent results. What we aim for is your complete satisfaction with our work. If you have any questions or any specific requests, please let us know.

Professional Cleaners in London

Our complete range of services

Now you can spend more time with your family and friends. Or you can simply focus on your work and make sure to scratch off all those tedious home chores from your to-do list. Our services are fully customisable so they can easily fit your personal agenda. Just take a look at our list of available cleaning options in London and you will surely find the right solution for your property.

  • Regular Domestic Cleaning
  • Professional Oven Cleaning
  • One-Off Deep Cleaning
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Expert Carpet & Rug Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

And here you can have a glance at more detailed descriptions of some of our signature services.

Your place can be visited by the same cleaner (or a team depending on the needs of your household) on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Regular visitations ensure that your home will always be in a clean and presentable state. This will also allow the professional to focus on all areas that need attention.

Star Domestic Cleaners work by following specific check-lists with items and parts of the property that need to be cleaned frequently. You are welcomed to give us a list of your personal preferences and we will follow them strictly.

A team of expert cleaners shows up, fully equipped and ready to provide a comprehensive cleaning session. This service is most suitable for:

  • Tenants who aim to win their security deposits back
  • Landlords/leasing agents who wish to impress their prospects
  • When a property is being sold

The move out cleaning service is not limited in time. The experts will come and follow check-lists with the most important areas of the property that need to be taken care of. They won’t leave until the property is cleaned to professional standards.

Another advantage you get with us is that we give you a 72-hour guarantee. This means we will send the team back for a free re-clean in case the initial service failed in some aspect.

We provide an advanced and highly effective professional carpet washing that is suitable for almost all types of textile floor coverings.

The technician will carefully examine your carpets and determine the best way to clean them based on their material and condition. All stains will be pretreated with specialised detergents. We use two main techniques:

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Method – This procedure is suitable for delicate pieces that can’t withstand high temperatures and moisture. A cleaning powder is spread all over the item and rubbed in with rotating brushes. Then the powder (which has connected with the unsanitary agents) is vacuum-cleaned. This is an effective way to clean and deodorise a carpet or a rug without risking shrinkage and discolouration.
  • Hot Water Extraction Method – Your carpet will be submitted to the most effective washing procedure. A high-performance machine will inject hot water directly between the textile fibres and dislodge any residing filth and accumulated dust. At the same time, a suction attachment will be removing the moisture (along with the dislodged filth). At the end, you are left with a slightly damp carpet that is perfectly clean and deodorised. The piece will air-dry on its own in a few hours but we can provide you with industrial air-movers to speed up the process free of charge.

You can find more about this professional service on our carpet cleaning page.

What makes us the better choice?

We have over a decade of professional experience and all the experts are dedicated, seasoned professionals who work with great diligence. Also, we make sure to stay on top of the latest innovation in our industry to ensure that the services you get are of superb quality.

If you decide to book home services from us, you select one of the best cleaning companies in London. A company which has invested a lot of time and resources to provide you with the care you will be looking forward to having again.

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