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Carpet Under a Microscope - detailed Infographic

By Star Domestic Cleaners17.08.2017

Your Carpet Under a Microscope [ Infographic ]

On the outside, your carpet may seem immaculate. But have you ever wondered how things would look like through a magnifying lense? More often than not, you will immediately discover that a whole new world is thriving right beneath your very feet without you even knowing! Join Us As We Explore the Secret Life Deep […]

Here is how you can find the right co-tenant for your property - infographic

By Star Domestic Cleaners08.08.2017

How to Find the Right Co-tenant for Your Property [ Infographic ]

Found a fancy flat whose rent is a tad out of your comfort zone? Or has your current roommate decided to move out of town in just a few days? If any of this hits close to home, then you’re at the right place. As you will see below, weeding out candidates and finding the […]