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Here is how you can motivate your kid to do chores at home

By Star Domestic Cleaners21.05.2019

Your Guide on How to Clear Up an Overgrown Garden

If you own a garden, you definitely know that exciting feeling when your plants, flowers, and shrubs grow and bloom. But then things get a little out of hand, rain comes in, and suddenly the lilac is too tall, the shrubs are too thick, and the weeds are out of control.

dry clean washing only curtains

By Star Domestic Cleaners04.02.2019

Dirty Drapes: Can I Wash “Dry Clean Only” Curtains?

A general rule of thumb for dry clean only curtains is to only dry clean them. However, there are instances when getting your curtains to the dry cleaners is not practical whether it be for price or timing reasons.

A dirty Aga stove with meals cooking

By Star Domestic Cleaners04.01.2019

How to Clean an Old Aga Range Cooker Fast and Easy

Keeping your old Aga clean is important – least of all because they last for generations. A dirty aged Aga is unhygienic and potentially hazardous as food stains can cause food to taste unpleasant and even cause the oven to smoke and burst into flames.

cleaning limescale kettles

By Star Domestic Cleaners29.03.2018

How Do Descalers Remove Limescale? How to Get Rid of Limescale

Limescale can be the cause of a lot of headaches if you don’t regularly maintain the appliances at home that have direct contact with water. You should take extra care of your coffee machine, kettle and boiler as hot water runs through them regularly. How each type of descaler deals with limescale Chemical descalers interact […]